Emergency Management and Fire Services


Montgomery Emergency Management 


 The Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency is tasked with preparing for; responding to; and recovering from major emergencies and incidents. It is the goal of the agency to restore the community to the same or better condition following a disaster.


Modern emergency management evolved out of the old Civil Defense System that was in place following WWII. The Civil Defense System was involved in preparing for disasters, but was not effective in response or recovery from them. The modern philosophy is a system that is involved in preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation of emergencies and disasters.  


Fire Services

Montgomery County is protected by seven fire departments. These include the departments of the cities of Tarry Town, Higgston, Ailey, Mt. Vernon, Alston, and Uvalda; as well as the fire department at Montgomery State Prison. With these resources, the county is well protected in the event of a fire related incident. The Emergency Management Office also serves as the fire coordination office for the unincorporated areas of Montgomery County. It is through this office that funding and training support is provided to the fire departments that service the county as well as operational support in coordinating fire response countywide. 


Montgomery County Emergency Management

310 W. Broad St., PO Box 295

Mt. Vernon, Ga 30445

Office 912-583-4246

Fax 912-583-2026

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